Ski Touring/Off-Piste

Ski down a 1000 metre mountain from top to bottom, enjoy the fantastic powder snow and the magnificent view out over sea and mountain. Lyngen are the most famous free-ride locations.
A landscape made for off-piste skiing
Off-piste skiing involves ascending a mountain and then skiing down again – no prepared runs, no safety measures, no ski lifts. The mountains in Northern Norway feature different descents, with different degrees of difficulty. The snow cover comprises a hard bed with powder on top. The mountains are very accessible, too. In many cases, you can simply park at the foot of the mountain and start walking.

Off-piste skiing is available in most places in Northern Norway. Most people have traditionally favoured the area around Ullsfjord/Lyngenfjord, 

From the time snow starts to fall in November until January, it is generally too dark to ski off-piste. In February, the days are long enough for short skiing trips, but the major season runs from March until the end of May – depending on the snow conditions. This means that towards the end of the season, you can go skiing by the light of the midnight sun.